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I'm just a woman with a camera, having an outrageous time! I carry my camera like most women carry a hand-bag. I especially like (and see) beauty in forgotten things. I love OLD buildings, rusty vehicles, fences and posts and details. When I’m photographing people, I love: natural expressions. relationships. simplicity. smiles. emotion. sweetness. laughter. shyness. grumpy frowns. silly giggles. stubborness. bare feet and a neat personality that just shines.



"A dog is the only thing on earth
that will love you more than 
you love yourself."
~ Josh Billings ~

I think Ross was a little nervous about pictures but, a lot of people are so, it's okay. 
I was nice and he smiled occasionally. I think he had fun after all.  
          {The things men do for us women!!}
I had a good time doing photo's for these two ... I already knew Michele; she's in a ladies group that I belong to.  
It was fun to get to know Ross.  
Michele wanted photo's for this years Christmas cards and wanted to include their two furry kids, Boo and Spider. (I don't remember which is which).  
Those dogs were EASY to have around and didn't cause a problem at all.
THANKS for the good time guys!!  Let's do it again NEXT year!!!


"The most effective kind of 
education is that
a child should have fun AND 
play amongst lovely things."
~ Plato ~

Alex & Emma remind me that childhood is FUN and never-ending!  
They remind me to think young, even if i'm not anymore 
and to keep thinking that way so I'll stay young at heart!  
I LOVE these two grand-kids TOO MUCH and always treasure our little Grandma-dates together.  
They are easy to please and always VERY thankful for whatever I do with them.  
{Hugs & kisses} FOREVER you two!!

You've never guess (from the cute smiles) that we actually
LOST GRANDMA'S KEYS in the leaves ... and it was COLD too!!!
(we found them eventually so it was all good;
thanks to Alex!!

She just makes me want to SMOOCH on that cute little face!

Such a cute stud of a little kid ... i just LOVE Alex so much!

Now, THAT'S a loyal sister for ya ... YOU GO Emma!!!

THE COOLEST lights we found!! (thnx to my friend Lynne for the tip) ... Alex & Emma were JAZZED!!!

3-D Christmas glasses


JANE & ALEX are engaged!!

"Love is just a word 
until someone comes along 
and gives it meaning."
~ Author Unknown ~

"Will you marry me?"

Jane is from Ghana. 
She and Alex met at Brigham Young University
(in Provo, Utah). 
Alex's mother asked me to do engagement photo's, 
as a surprise for Jane's Birthday.
She told me that Alex was going to propose 
the night before. But! Much to my surprise, he 
saved the proposal to do during the photo shoot!! 
Talk about a FUN surprise!! 
For me AND for Jane!! 
For part of the shoot Alex is 
wearing a traditional African shirt.
I had SO MUCH FUN getting to know these two.
I'm thankful they have crossed my path in life and, 
I wish them all the happiness they deserve!
They have a great future ahead of them. 

P.S. Jane did her hair BY HERSELF.
 (and ... she tells me that Alex even knows how 
to do corn-rows now too because, she taught him!)

She said "YES"!!!!