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St. George, Utah, United States
I'm just a woman with a camera, having an outrageous time! I carry my camera like most women carry a hand-bag. I especially like (and see) beauty in forgotten things. I love OLD buildings, rusty vehicles, fences and posts and details. When I’m photographing people, I love: natural expressions. relationships. simplicity. smiles. emotion. sweetness. laughter. shyness. grumpy frowns. silly giggles. stubborness. bare feet and a neat personality that just shines.


  i love yous. family. my camera. good books. dancing. kisses. bracelets. hot baths. antiques. natural light. the warmth of sunshine. old rusty things. turquoise. basil. memories. high heels. glass beads. the smell of coffee. yoga. traveling. loopy earrings. packages or letters in the mail. lunch dates.  the smell of rain here in the desert. clean sheets. surprises. parties. romance. music. painted toes. summer. mexican food. flowers. watches. long hugs. popcorn (i'm addicted). sterling silver jewelry. wind chimes. pilates. road trips. birdhouses. spinach. watercoloring. the west. farms. baking. incense. walks. SMILING. horses. reminicing . cars. dark chocolate. photography. fresh fruit. bangles. a good challenge. handwritten letters. playing piano. a clean car (AND a clean house!). time spent with those i love. houseplants. organization. bird baths. car shows.  warm sun on my face. breakfast out. friends. cactus'.  a child's laughter. art. warm feet. cooking and setting a nice table on Sundays. girl time with friends. and ...
a glass of good red wine at the end of the day .... (I wonder if I've left anything out).