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St. George, Utah, United States
I'm just a woman with a camera, having an outrageous time! I carry my camera like most women carry a hand-bag. I especially like (and see) beauty in forgotten things. I love OLD buildings, rusty vehicles, fences and posts and details. When I’m photographing people, I love: natural expressions. relationships. simplicity. smiles. emotion. sweetness. laughter. shyness. grumpy frowns. silly giggles. stubborness. bare feet and a neat personality that just shines.


I've lived in st. george since 1969 when I came here to go to school. LOTS of years have passed since then!! I've met some really neat people and have a ton of great friends! Needless to say I've also seen some major changes in our cool corner of the world.
   I raised six REALLY GREAT kids who are grown up.  Some even have families of their own!  It's hard for me to believe i've got kids that old but ... I DO!!
   I've reached that point in my life where I can persue my passion! All I needed was for my kids to grow up, get myself a killer camera and have lots of TIME to explore. Besides my six grown kids, I have 2 daughter-in-laws, a son-in-law wannabee and SIX precious grandkids! I am one lucky woman and, I know it!!
   I have way way too many interests but, photography tops the list!! There’s no doubt I drive my family AND my friends a bit crazy at times but, I like to think they're all happy with the end result.
  One of my fav things to do is to go on little photographic field trips by myself to see what I can find to snap. I never have a boring day or an empty camera!
I love to photograph people,  animals, old rusty vehicles, old buildings and anything different that catches my eye.  I shoot everything in NATURAL LIGHT ... i wouldn't have it any other way.  
      I've been known to get yelled at when I'm out "shooting" (for going on Private Property when it's POSTED "NO TRESPASSING")   ... what?  I didn't SEE THAT!!!
I've even been chased or charged by an angry or frightened animal!! (all in the name of photography, what can i say??!!?)
I have a blast and never run out of things that are fun to photograph!
I prefer fresh, natural light photography.  I do SOME editing, just don't like to over-do it. I prefer real colors and fresh, clean photo's.
 Please have fun looking through my blog ...