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I'm just a woman with a camera, having an outrageous time! I carry my camera like most women carry a hand-bag. I especially like (and see) beauty in forgotten things. I love OLD buildings, rusty vehicles, fences and posts and details. When I’m photographing people, I love: natural expressions. relationships. simplicity. smiles. emotion. sweetness. laughter. shyness. grumpy frowns. silly giggles. stubborness. bare feet and a neat personality that just shines.



"It doesn't matter
how poor a man might be ... 
if he has FAMILY, 
he is rich."
                          ~ Dan Wilcox ~

This is the Mower Family ... I just LOOVED working with them and having the opportunity to get to know each of them!!  
They were perfect in every way and I think their pictures are too!
~ if i do say so myself ~ .
On top of it all -- they're VERY HAPPY with them as well.  (I'm very touched by that).
Sometimes a session just "clicks" and this one -- FOR SURE -- clicked!
I will always remember you guys as my fav, FAV family to "shoot" !!!!
THANK YOU, each of you!!
                    ~  You guys are KEEPERS!!! ~

This is fiesty little TREY

check out those freckles, that dimple and that SMILE!

sweet and lovely TRISTIN

Justin - what a great dad & husband!

TRINITY - a little edgy and such a doll!!

Watch out Bonnie Raitt!!!

SUCH fun!!!

A GORGEOUS GAL!!! this is Kimberly


Smooches are always nice
with the one you *LOVE*



"A dog is the only thing on earth
that will love you more than 
you love yourself."
~ Josh Billings ~

I think Ross was a little nervous about pictures but, a lot of people are so, it's okay. 
I was nice and he smiled occasionally. I think he had fun after all.  
          {The things men do for us women!!}
I had a good time doing photo's for these two ... I already knew Michele; she's in a ladies group that I belong to.  
It was fun to get to know Ross.  
Michele wanted photo's for this years Christmas cards and wanted to include their two furry kids, Boo and Spider. (I don't remember which is which).  
Those dogs were EASY to have around and didn't cause a problem at all.
THANKS for the good time guys!!  Let's do it again NEXT year!!!